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What you get?

1. Why you should be choosing Digital Marketing to propel Career

2. Your Digital Marketing Blueprint

3. 5 Step process to make yourself ready to use digital marketing techniques to earn money from within your existing network

4. Tools to execute your plan

5. The Road Ahead

6. The Offer

7. Recording Access

Know your Trainer - Vikas Rajput, Ph.D.

  • I am a Certified Entrepreneurship Trainer with certification jointly issued from NEN – London Business School and a professional digital marketer for over 10 years

  • I stumbled upon digital marketing while trying to promote a film. I used Email Marketing to reach out to Individual viewers globally to sell the film outside India

  • Spent over 15 lacs in studying and researching and experimenting on the subject, attending conferences, coaching, training programs

  • I have over 10000+ student base

  • Ran over 500 campaigns over Google and Facebook

  • Made over 750 websites

  • Operated a Content development business which supported me from 2004 to 2012

  • I am also a Ph.D. and my passion to to teach and be among wonderful students has took me to several B-schools across where I am engaged as a Visiting Faculty for Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship Education along with several other Business Management Subjects

  • Hold workshops pan India

  • Founder – Parallel Living Research Centre to pursue my entrepreneurial projects like Education, Rural Tourism, (now a Pvt Ltd Company)

  • My story is to inspire you, connect with you, because sometimes you learn more from the teachers life than teacher’s teachings

  • 2500 + students trained on the subject of Digital Marketing

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Thanks for teaching us with such enthusiasm and the content of the session is really good


I never thought any serious learning can happen online. But you changed my perception. These sessions were fantastic.. so full of value.  I learnt a lot. Looking forward to attend your DIJININJA Version


I hereby appoint you as my Chief Learning Officer for life! This was not just learning tools of digital marketing, you have impacted the way I look at life. I have benefited a lot from your sessions.

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