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Congratulations to 
Batch 05 Participants!

You did it! You have have the discipline to take things to the FINISH LINE!

Don't break the learning curve! Continue to better yourself and upskill yourself with PLRC DIGININJA!

for Online Batch 05
Course Dates: 4th June to 10th June 2021

PLRC Digininja AD Final.png
PLRC Digininja AD Final (1).png

7 Solid reasons to join DIGININJA Program?

1. You already have the value added to your life by participating it "Making Sense of Digital Marketing Ecosystem". Do not lose that skill.

2. In this course you will learn "HOW" to DO digital marketing which will equip you with skills to start working professionally

3. You will learn the Digital Marketing skills AT THE RIGHT TIME and take the OPPORTUNITY earlier than your peers

4. DIGITAL MARKETING skills are being required everywhere in the INDUSTRY and will help you compete for the limited jobs available

5. You will be better positioned to DRIVE the Digital Marketing campaigns for your own business if you own a business

5. This is a UNIQUE course which provides the BLEND of Digital Marketing skills with that of BRANDING and BUSINESS MODEL Skills

6. Special PRICE for Batch Participants of only Rs 14999/- as against 24999/- for Corporate Participants

7. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after 1 week of attending the course you feel its not for you, you can take your money back.

Snapshot of course which you get when you join the new and improved
'PLRC Digininja Online Progam 2021'

Certificates Batch 05

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