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2 months SELF PACED & Practical SKILL based Digital Marketing course to help you start earning money from anywhere without any prior knowledge of business, marketing or technology with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Hi There! The FACT that you are here on this page means you have a burning desire to better yourself!

  • Are you the one who has realised that it is important to have AT LEAST ONE MORE SKILL than your PRIMARY JOB to help you SAIL during difficult and unpredictable circumstances like COVID- 19?

  • Do you want to BUILD A SKILL which shall help you make a minimum of 15 to 20K minimum from your home or any location?

  • Do you want a SKILL that will help you work INDEPENDENTLY and help you BE YOUR OWN BOSS?

  • Do you want to BUILD a SKILL which will make you FLEXIBLE to work from ANY LOCATION?

If you have answered YES to EVERY QUESTION above, then READ ON…




What this system will give you?

A quick LAUNCHPAD to Start On YOUR OWN with CONFIDENCE. I am SO CONFIDENT about the immense benefits this course will do for you. In fact it is going to CHANGE you for good! This will bring on a NEW version of you. A focused Digital Warrior who is trained to carry out a specific mission. That’s why I have named this course as DIGININJA


What this will NOT give you?

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme or a multi level marketing scheme . It is truly based on YOU and YOUR efforts, and YOUR discipline and YOUR sincerity and YOUR hunger alone!


What I am offering?

1. A STEP BY STEP instructor led course to TEACH you some VERY SPECIFIC Digital Skills to help you work from ANYWHERE and BE YOUR OWN BOSS and MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY if you are WILLING TO WORK HARD for YOURSELVES


What will YOU GET from this COURSE?

1. A STEP BY STEP guide to learn to SET UP a new website for your clients. I am going to personally supervise and see that you get to use and implement the tools of the website creation platform and see that you CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE

2. A STEP by STEP guide on how to OPTIMIZE a website for GOOGLE and PROMOTE site on Google and other SEARCH ENGINES with complete CHECKLIST to help you when you conduct your business and work for your client

3. A STEP BY STEP hands on guide to learn to SET UP and RUN ADVERTISING Campaigns on FB, Google, LinkedIN and other social media to generate leads

4. A STEP BY STEP hands on guide on how to CREATE your CONTENT MARKETING CALENDAR and ACHIEVE consistency, impact and results from your CONTENT MARKETING

5. A STEP BY STEP hands on guide to MEASURE the outcome of your marketing efforts and GENERATE REPORTS for your client for the progress made and OUTCOME of every marketing effort

6. A STEP BY STEP hands on workshop to DESIGN HIGH QUALITY marketing collateral for your or your clients

7. 30 TOOLS TO help you increase your efficiency and become 37% more productive in your business

8. A Complete BRANDING & EXECUTION checklist to guide you to promote your or your client’s brand

9. OVER 20 Case Studies for you to LEARN from and REFER later when you are working for your client’s success

10. You will also get access to SESSION 2, 3, and 4 of the FOUNDATION COURSE


You don’t have to know anything about Digital Marketing to LEARN this course. All I am asking is the WILLINGNESS to LEARN and WORK HARD for YOURSELVES


TO KNOW more about the COURSE:


1. JOIN my FREE TRIAL CLASS to know what I am going to teach you


Well to be honest I understand the value of REAL SKILLS which sometimes we do not get even after investing in Formal Education. I believe skills should be very PRACTICAL which should be put to good use as soon as you learn and you should be able to make money from it. I have personal experience of starting and running ventures every since I can remember.


I have been a huge experimenter all my life and have dabbled into acquiring several skills within the formal curriculum (I have formally studied and hold formal degrees in Computer Science, English Literature, Film Making, Management, besides being a Certified Entrepreneurship Educator and a Ph.D. in the role of pedagogy in Entrepreneurship Education) and I have also acquired several skills informally which were not a part of the curriculum. That is why this is not a stand alone course which teaches you half the game by teaching you selective skills. IT is a BLEND of TECHNICAL SKILLS & BUSINESS GROWTH thinking which changes the game for you.


I have searched far and wide for skills which are very practical and help me make money from anywhere so that I can enjoy my freedom and more importantly earn without losing myself in the routine. Out of all that experience I have put together this course which I GUARANTEE will put a superpower around you and empower you to take action which gets you paid!

The other reason I am so CONFIDENT of this course is that many of the participants whom I have taught these skills ARE ALREADY MAKING SEVERAL TIMES THE MONEY I AM SUGGESTING YOU CAN MAKE AFTER THIS COURSE! You will be a different person after going through this course, a completely new version of yourself. You become - YOU_2.0 !

The ONLY thing which will slow you down is plain LAZINESS, LACK OF INITIATIVE & COURAGE. Nothing else.


You will NOT find such type of an Instructor led course with this kind of PERSPECTIVE and HOLISTIC thought.

I have SPENT lakhs of Rupees and time and effort in my personal education and I can tell you from experience that it is very difficult to assimilate all that knowledge and separate it from all the JUNK theories floating around the Internet and put together an effective course which PRODUCES RESULTS.


In fact, I am the living example of the VALIDITY of this course. You an also BUILD UP small business which can give you financial sustenance. A single workshop costs thousands of Rupees and investment on travel and several other things. I have attended workshops which ran into more than a lakh as a 3-day investment!

To cut it short I assume the value of this course to be upwords of 50,000/- Rupees. But I wish I could give it away for free. But then I DO GIVE AWAY a lot of stuff for FREE but I want to BUY your commitment for this one. I don’t want anyone to question the efficacy of this program and it is only possible when I have participants who care about commitment.


To buy this commitment I have put a small fee to this course which I think is enough to pinch you enough to take it seriously but never making you feel cheated or ripped off later in life. I want you to be a very valuable friend for life and take as much from the system of learning at PLRC and also contribute as much as you move further in life and learn new things!


A similar course would easily cost you in the bracket of 60-70K. I have attended several high ticket courses and still did not get the core tactics to generate results. This kind of handholding and supervision was completely missing! Therefore, I have priced it to a humble Rs 14999/- Only. Rupees Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Only to ENSURE a 100+ hour commitment from you spread over 2 months. This makes 40 hrs a month or a little more than 1 hr per day towards this learning which will MAKE YOU BETTER for sure. E.M.I is also available on course fee


Unlike learning typical theoretical concepts which you wonder how to implement, this is a game changer in the way that you can implement the learning immediately. You could get your money back with your very FIRST client. Yes! It may take you only one customer to recover your money back. If not one, certainly with two customers you will have your investment back! How long do you think it will take you to find your first customer? 7days?, 15 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months? Even if you find it after 6 months you still get your money back and get a skill to make several times over what you invest in this course. I am sure you will be able to achieve that.

Why this course will still help you make money even if you decide not to do any BUSINESS

Even if you decide not to work as a FREELANCER (which in fact is a wonderful independent way to make a living), you can always get a JOB! If you find comfort in working 9 to 5 in a steady job, imagine you have this laser specific skills to acquire a customer and understanding of the numbers (which I am going to teach you in this course) your skills be a of value to an employer.


So you have nothing to lose. 

You lose only when you do not DECIDE. If you do NOT take action, you will be where you are and may miss a chance to reach to the next level. The best way to turn a good idea into a bad idea is to sit on it and do nothing. The world of Internet hold massive opportunities for all of us. We would certainly need skills and timely implementation to remain ahead in the game. You are lucky that you are getting this opportunity EARLY in life and you have the OPPORTUNITY to learn it in a STRUCTURED way with someone hand holding you unlike me who took years of effort and heavy investment of time and money to stumble upon basic concepts like SALES FUNNEL which I know still is not taught in so many B -Schools. Any skill needs investment. You got to sow the seed first and nurture it before you can enjoy the shade and the fruits. And what better time to sow the seeds of tomorrow than today! Now!

This is one course which will give you an additional skill to survive (and may be thrive!) in tough times and pay you back your investment several times over. I want to make you a Walking Talking Digital Warrior! Nothing less. Let this be a start of your journey into the rewarding field of Digital Marketing!

See you in the CLASS!


1. Set of PRE-RECORDED sessions to start learning at your time, place and pace immediately

2. LIVE Demo Weekly Sessions

3. Access to all new additions to the course

4. Access to all new courses being added from time to time

5. Access to new videos 

6. Access to Diginijna COMMUNITY where you can discuss with your fellow learners and get super insights and solutions

7. INVITATION to community only Sessions

8. Access to COURSEBOOKS for FREE to work on PRACTICE SHEETS

9. Access to CASE STUDIES to improve your learning

10. Information about LATEST SOFTWARE and PROGRAMS to use

I am learning new things and growing up so fast! These sessions are more powerful than the training I am getting at my institute. I feel more confident of doing much better in my job interviews


Aditi, Professional

I thought online learning is NOT possible. PLRC changed this impression of mine. The sessions are so interactive, high on energy and participation. I recommend it 100%


Rajat, Business Owner

This is pure VALUE FOR MONEY! Where else do you find so much life changing content at such a low price. Your sessions on Google My Business was so powerful that I implemented it right away and collected 23 reviews in a single day from my customers