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Digital Marketing Foundation Course
"Making Sense of Digital Marketing Ecosystem"

Female Student



"Making Sense of Digital Marketing Ecosystem"

(4 Sessions)

(Over 5 hours of Detailed Content)

All Sessions by VIKAS RAJPUT

There is a lot of information available on the Internet on Digital Marketing. Information comes alive as actionable information only when it can be understood with a  proper context and perspective.

Moreover, it should include action points which we immediately apply in our business or job.


I have therefore organized this training for people to not get intimidated by the tools and information out there and be more in control by making sense of digital marketing ecosystem.

Now you can get access to these sessions @ Rs 499/- Only

Session 1: Introduction to the Digital Marketing Ecosystem 

This session takes your confusion, fear, hesitation about Digital Marketing and you are left wondering by the simplicity and power of the world of Digital Marketing and you feel "Why the hell were you missing the Digital Marketing revolution till now??"

Watch Session 1 FREE. Go to Homepage, Enter your email id and start watching!

Session 2: Getting FREE TRAFFIC / ORGANIC to your website

The first step is to get people to visit your social media page or website. You learn how to ATTRACT the right kind of people and TELL them you EXIST. 

"Hey YA! I am here! Pay me a visit!"

Session 3: Using Google and Facebook Ads

This session talks about PAID methods of getting a LOT of TRAFFIC to your website. You actually get a run through of setting up your AD Campaing on Google and Facebook! 

Session 4: Case Studies - Digital Marketing in Action

This session is to make you think to your wit's end! Compare how well you fare when pitted against the best minds in the Digital Marketing arena. These examples will INSPIRE you and OPEN UP YOUR MIND for new ideas and the possibilities and power of Digital Marketing

EXCITED! Get access to these sessions @ Rs 499 Only.


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Enjoy your Sessions!

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BONUS: You will also receive FREE INVITES to attend further power packed sessions from time to time and get SOLID ACTIONABLE INFORMATION to IMPLEMENT & MAKE MONEY!

I am learning new things and growing up so fast! These sessions are more powerful than the training I am getting at my institute. I feel more confident of doing much better in my job interviews


Aditi, Professional

I thought online learning is NOT possible. PLRC changed this impression of mine. The sessions are so interactive, high on energy and participation. I recommend it 100%

Rajat, Business Owner

This is pure VALUE FOR MONEY! Where else do you find so much life changing content at such a low price. Your sessions on Google My Business was so powerful that I implemented it right away and collected 23 reviews in a single day from my customers

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