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2024 Final Dates to be Announced

DigiNinja Summit: 2024   Your Tribe, Your Power

Focussed Learners,

6 Days and

1 Hill Cottage 

what we will be doing?


  • Meet and work with people from around the world

  • Disconnect from everyday life

  • Focus on our businesses

  • Daily sessions, talks, and discussions

  • Do concentrated work with great wifi

  • Visit a famous spiritual complex

  • Taste and make exotic food

  • Go for forest bathing

  • Enjoy the silence in the mountains

  • Learn about sustainable living

  • Assimilate and bring clarity to your life goals

  • Find friends for life

  • LIVE


Our vision at PLRC is basically to give you an experience for life. Well, this is easier said than done to be honest. But to make the best attempt for this to happen, we have created a framework and a mindset that makes it possible – if you are open to it.

On our trips, there are no enemies or competitors, it´s a safe environment and we are here to help each other both professionally and personally.

We choose the best possible settings, partners, and locations for you to focus and learn something new about yourself and others. On this exact trip you will also have the possibility to learn more about observing local lifestyle and sustainable farming. Who knows this may inspire you into adopting new life rules and blend it in your life to make it even more robust and enriching.

Our aim is for you to grow and move your boundaries, not only professionally but also personally.


We visit different countries and we invite people from all over the world to join us.


Basically going on a PLRC trip means getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things, meeting new friends and getting different insights and perspectives on your business and on life in general apart from the focussed skills you will pick up during the course of your daily workshop schedule.

Are you ready to do this?

Dates & Availability

What you get

  • A once in a lifetime experience with other ambitious entrepreneurs

  • An exotic cottage up in the mountains

  • We will have a trained Five Star cook preparing delicious, local meals for us the whole week

  • One big challenge that will make you think bigger and get out of your comfort zone

  • An international network of people that you have lived, laughed and shared with for a week (you don’t get better network than this)

  • Cultural insights and how to live as self-sufficient as possible

  • Daily inspiration, sessions, and feedback from the other participants

  • All meals, drinks, housing etc.

  • Transport from airport to the cottage farm and back

  • Did we mention that this will be an experience of a lifetime?


“I am super excited about this trip. Yes, I want to restructure my thoughts, connect with new people, bounce of new ideas, open up and see where all this leads me to.” 

—  Priyanka, Delhi

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