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Now includes: Using ChatGPT to run effective ads​


Become an Expert in Facebook & Instagram (Meta) Ads at your pace!

Get a High-Paying Job, Grow your Business, or Start a Freelancing Career. Even if you have never run ads before. No need to buy another FB Ads course again!

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Mentor: Puneet Tandon

Founder - Young Urban Project.

✅ Managed over 100 Cr in Ad Spends.

✅ Award-winning Performance marketer. TEDx Speaker.









Who should enroll in this course?

Who wants to transition from traditional marketing to ROI-driven Paid Advertising? Get senior-level high-paying job roles with confidence.

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Get profitable results from Meta Ads just like them!

Facebook (Meta) Advertising is one of the Highest Paying Digital Skills in 2024.

This course will prepare you to get a high-paying job, or get freelance clients, or grow your business

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Course Curriculum

Learn Beginner-to-Advanced Level Facebook & Instagram Ads with 70+ video lessons

1. Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Facebook & Instagram (Meta) Ads

  • Assets on Facebook & Instagram

  • Meta (FB & IG) Advertising Policies

  • Ad Manager vs Business Manager

4. Targeting

  • Demographic-Based Targeting

  • Interest-Based Targeting

  • Behavior-Based Targeting

  • Layered Targeting

  • Finding Hidden Interests for Free

7. Ad Tracking

  • Integrating Facebook Pixel

  • Integrating Conversion API (NEW)

  • Fixing problems with Pixel

  • Domain Verification + Aggregated Events (AEM)

  • Standard Events in FB Ads

10. Remarketing-1

  • Understanding Remarketing

  • Urgency based Remarketing

  • Scarcity based Remarketing

  • Comparative Remarketing

  • Benefits based Remarketing

13. Reporting

  • Ad reporting dashboard

  • Key Metrics & Funnels

  • Custom Reporting Dashboards

  • Ad Set level optimization

  • Ad level optimization

16. ChatGPT [New]

  • How to leverage ChatGPT for Meta Ads

  • Market & Product research with ChatGPT

  • Finding interests faster

  • Write winning Ad copies with ChatGPT

  • Ad creative brainstorming

2. Audience

  • Pre-Click & Post Click Journey

  • Understanding your Audience on Meta Platforms

  • Audience stages / Traffic temperature

5. Ad Creatives

  • Ad Creative Inspirations

  • Approach behind making winning Ad Creatives

  • Making Static Ad Creatives

  • Making Video Ad Creatives

8. Conversions

  • Creating a Conversion Objective Campaign

  • Custom Audience - Part 1

  • Custom Audience - Part 2

11. Remarketing-2

  • Benefits based Remarketing

  • Social-Proof Based Remarketing

  • Objection Handling Based Remarketing

  • Product-Demo Based Remarketing

  • Secret Discount Based Remarketing

14. Campaign Scaling

  • When & How to Scale

  • Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

  • LLA Based Scaling

  • ABO Based Scaling

3. Campaign Breakdown

  • Campaign Structure

  • Campaign Objectives

  • Creating a Campaign – Walkthrough

  • Creating an Ad Set

  • Creating an Ad

6. Ad Copywriting

  • Ad Copywriting Tips

  • Ad Copy Hooks - Part 1

  • Ad Copy Hooks - Part 2

  • Ad Copy Hooks - Part 3

  • Copy Formula - AIDA

  • Copy Formula - PAS

  • Copy Formula - BAB

9. Look Alike Audience

  • What are Look Alike Audiences (LLA)

  • Different types of LLAs based on data source

  • Creating LookAlike Campaign

  • Look Alike Audience based on Value

12. E-Com Ads

  • Creating a catalogue feed

  • Creating a catalogue on Facebook

  • Creating Product sets

  • Catalogue Sales Ad

15. Bonus Lessons

  • Automated Campaign rules

  • Calculating campaign budget

  • Recover Banned Ad Account

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Meet Your Mentor

Puneet Tandon
Founder – Young Urban Project
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Advertising expert.

  • 10+ years of experience.

  • TEDx Speaker.

  • Worked with brands like Navi, Zee, Cleartrip, ZestMoney, Edelweiss, Liberty Insurance, Reliance Brands, Centrum, Bloomsbury, and more.

  • Named Young Achiever (Digital) by WMC

  • Named among Top-50 Strategy professionals in India


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Get profitable results from Meta Ads just like them!